Answered By: Shannon Sanders
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If you need instructions for printing from a laptop click here 

1. You need your BYU ID card or a Campus Value Card with available funds to print.

2. When ready to print a document or webpage select "File" > "Print."

3. From the pop-up screen choose a printer - BYU Public B&W or BYU Public Color.

4. Click "Print."

5. A new window will open requiring a Route Y NetID (ex: Jondoe5) and a name for your print job NOT your route Y password (ex: Final Term Paper). Enter these items and again click "Print."

6. Go to the nearest printer station (typically if you are at a Library computer there will be a printer in the same area you are in. You can ask at any help desk for directions).

7. Swipe your ID card or Campus Value Card and the name you entered for your print job should appear on the touchscreen.

8. Select the job and click "Print."

If your print job does not show up make sure you are using  the correct printer. A color printer may or may not allow you to print a document you sent to B&W printer, and a B&W printer will never bring up documents sent to a color printer. Also make sure there are adequate funds on your ID card.

If you have any problems see the nearest help desk.

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