Answered By: Shannon Sanders
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018     Views: 556


   1. Make sure you have your ID card & money in your cougar cash account

   2. When ready to print go to file>print or click the printer icon

   3. Select printer from which you will print: B&W or BYU Public Color

   4. Click "Print"

   5. A new window will pop up requiring your BYU username and a name for the print job

   6. Go to any printer station on campus and swipe your ID card 

   7. The print job will appear as you named it

   NOTES: The print job will stay in the queue for 4 hours 

                 A B&W document can be printed from B&W or Color printers but not vice versa

   Queue Time?   4 hours

   Cost?  Black & White (B&W) 7 cents per page / Color 15 cents per page

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