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The easiest and most efficient way to access this data is through the Bloomberg Terminal. In order to access a Bloomberg Terminal go to the Social Sciences /Business & Economics Help Desk on Level 1 or access the terminals avaliable in the Tanner Building.

Once you are at the Bloomberg:

1) Log on with an account.There is a library account avaliable for anyone to use here in the library or you may create your own account. Please see our video for more informationa on how to create your own account

2) Enter MA into the search bar and press the GO key.

3) Go to 96. Custom Search on the top of the screen. This should open a new screen.

4) Click 14 "Deal Type" on the search screen you should then see a "Leveraged Buyout" option. Use this as your serach criteria. You may also select other criterias from the search screen.

5) Click results on bottom right corner to view results. This will bring you to a summary of the data. To see the list click "deal list" at the top.

6) You may also add columns to display what information you would like to be displayed.

7) You may export the data to Excel by clicking 98 Output.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask at the Business/Social Science Help Desk on Level 1 or contact one the Business and Economic Research Librarians in room 1212 and 1211.

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