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Tips for finding books in the Library

If you are unable find the book you want use the Request Item in the Library Catalog.
We will search for you.

You will receive an e-mail when the book is ready for you to pick up at the General Help Desk.


Want to search yourself?

Note: Books removed from the shelf and used within the Library as well as books which have been checked out and returned to the Library go through a similar re-shelving process.

If the book you need is not shelved where it should be:

First, look on the dark tan RETURN BOOKS HERE shelf at the end of the row where the book belongs. This is where everyone should place a book after removing it from a shelf rather than returning it to the home location.

Next look on the SORTING SHELVES in the area. These shelves are usually located at the beginning of the long ranges of shelves on each floor. Books from the RETURN BOOKS HERE shelves, books coming back from Circulation, and books left in random places in the Library are organized before they are re-shelved in their permanent locations.

Every floor has sorting shelves. Personnel at the Help Desks on each level will show you where they are.

Be aware:

Books coming back from Circulation may take several days before they are re-shelved.

Check the sorting shelves daily.

If the book does not show up, go to the General Help Desk and inquire about it. They will check to see if the book has recently been discharged, is declared lost, is in book repair, etc.



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