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How do I email a scan to myself using Library copiers?

I've tried emailing a scan to myself on the Library copiers, but even though it shows my email address and the pages go through the scanner, I am not receiving any emails. It is not in my spam folder, so is there a step I am missing or what are the exact steps for emailing a scan to myself?
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1. Swipe your ID card.

2. Push "Scan and Send" button at the top of the LCD screen.

3. Push either "Send to self" and verify your email address is correct or select "New Destination-Email" and manually type in the email address.

4. For loose page documents, place them in the document feeder face up and Push green "Start" button. All the pages are scanned and immediately sent to your email address.

5. If you are scanning bound items, place them on the glass panel scanning bed. Click the green "Start" button and begin scanning. You will need to click the start button after each page, then hit the send button when complete. 

6. Check your email before leaving to make sure the file sent!

NOTE: Some Net ID's don't work and won't send the document. We are looking for a solution to this problem.

If you complete the above instructions and you never get an email, come to the Learning Commons Help Desk and check out a scanner.

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