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Would it be legal for me to borrow one of my friend’s CDs and copy the music on my computer?

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Copying music from a friend’s CD would be considered a reproduction of a copyrighted work and is an act of copyright infringement.

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  1. Okay, because I took a lot of music from my dad's CDs at home and put them on my computer before I came to school. Does it need to be music that I personally purchased or received as a gift, and if so, should I purchase the music myself before listening to it?
    by Sean Davila on Sep 16, 2012.
  2. You should transition from privileges you have as a family member, i.e., having copies of music purchased by other family members in the same household, to having in your personal music collection only the music you have been authorized to have, either purchased, gifted, legal downloads, etc. The more independent you become (permanently living away from your original household family), the less you should assume the privilege of keeping copies of music obtained by other family members.

    Carl Johnson
    Copyright Licensing Office
    801 422-3821
    by Carl Johnson on Sep 20, 2012.

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