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Where should I go to scan in the Library?

I want to scan a document (or a book or a map or some old photographs or some slides or a family history fan chart or a big piece of art work I created).

Is it possible to scan these in the library?
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1)  Color printers on most levels will scan then print or save to a USB drive or send to your email account

     Ask at a Help Desk for directions

2)  8 1/2 x 11 Desktop Scanners

Level 1   Social Science - Ask Help Desk which computers have scanners.

Level 2   Periodicals - Check out scanner at Help Desk.

Level 3   Learning Commons - Check out scanner at Help Desk.

Level 4   Multimedia Lab - Check out scanner at Help Desk.

Level 5   Humanities - Ask at Help Desk which computers have scanners.

3)  Large Format Scanning

Level 2   Science Help Desk -  large format scanning and printing - often used for maps & art work  

Level 2   Family History/Genealogy - several types of  book scanners, fan chart scanners,etc.

4)  Other Scanners:  Level 2 Family History/Genealogy  

Reserve -  

Sheet feed scanners for multiple-page scanning 

Photography and slide scanners

Microfilm scanner

Fan Chart scanner         

Most scanning is free. There is a fee for large format scanning in Science and Family History areas.

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